Starting a new radio club

After being a ham for 21 years and a resident of Tukwila for almost 40, I’m going to stop whining about not having an Amateur Radio club in Tukwila and just create one.  I’ve been working with Marty Grisham (Tukwila Emergency Management Manager) and Matt Hickey (Tukwila Fire Department Communications Unit Leader) to define what this new club can and should do to partner with the City.  We’ve had some great discussions around dreams for the club, who we should target for recruitment, training, equipment, processes, the organizational structure of the club, the legal structure of the club, blah blah blah.  I’ll boil it all down to something understandable and publish it to this blog for anyone interested in the bottom line.  For now, this post will serve as the starting point of this new radio venture.  I sincerely hope others in Tukwila share our dream and vision for the kind of amazing partnership we can have with the City’s Emergency Management Office.

Mark Lium (N7WSU)
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