What’s in a Name?

Well, a lot is in a name.  In this case, I’m talking about the name of the new club.  I’ve tentatively named it the “Tukwila Radio Club” just so I could get a domain name for the web site, blog and email address.  It’s my intention to ask the club members to come up with potential names and vote on them at the first meeting November 9.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

  • “Tukwila Emergency Communications”, or “TEC Team” for short
  • “Tukwila Amateur Radio” (TAR Team).  This one may make us seem a bit slow-moving, which we certainly won’t be!
  • “Seattle/Tukwila Amateur Radio Team” (START).  Not sure if we should put “Seattle” in there, but it makes the acronym work
  • “Radio Emergency Amateur Communications in Tukwila” (REACT).  CB veterans will recognize that REACT International is the name of a radio organization that is mostly CB and GMRS focused.  Not sure if we want to confuse people with that name.
  • “Radio Amateurs Serving Tukwila” (RAST)
  • “Tukwila Emergency Amateur Communication Help” (TEACH).  It’s a bit wordy though

Then there’s always:

  • “Amateur Radio Service in Emergencies” (ARSE)
  • “Radio Emergency Services of Tukwila” (REST) (I kinda like the idea of RESTing for a change)
  • “Tukwila Emergency Amateur Radio Service (TEARS).  Uh, no.

Feel free to comment on this blog post with your ideas and bring them to the first club meeting!

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