Emergency Communications

Partnering with the City of Tukwila to Provide Reliable Communications

Information for Current Club Members

Cost of Membership

The Tukwila Emergency Communications Team charges dues in the amount of $20 per year.
Dues are payable at any club meeting, board meeting, or event by:

Membership Benefits

Membership in the TEC Team does have some perks.

Expectations for Continued Membership

While unpopular, the leadership of the TEC Team has an obligation to the City to manage the resources they have made available to us. It is therefore expected for every member to follow the rules below to continue to be eligible to check out the city resouces listed above. If you have any questions about these basic expectations, please reach out to us.

  1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner while in City facilites. We are guests in these facilities and we need to leave the space as we have found it.
  2. Follow all FCC guidelines while on the air. We are acting on behalf of the City providing communications with other cities, the County, and sometimes the State.
  3. Keep equipment well maintained. The City is very kind to provide the equipment we use.
  4. Stay Active. We do require that all members to active to continue to loan radios out. Active members attend club meetitings, participate in club events, and check-in to weekly nets.

Where do my dues go?

For calendar year 2020 the club spent $183.90 and collected $140 in dues for a net loss of $43.90.
This breaks down to:

At the beginning of 2020, we moved to Zoom for hosting the club and board meetings but we were not happy with the results based on cost. In Mid 2020, the group moved away from Zoom in favor of using Skype for club and board meetings. Late in 2020, the board agreed to move hosting from GoDaddy to Amazon Web Services. This move was made to reduce the hosting cost by 75%. Domain registration and email are still handled by GoDaddy.