Emergency Communications

Partnering with the City of Tukwila to Provide Reliable Communications

References/Links to Useful Web Sites

General Ham Radio Links:
Alinco (Radio Manufacturer)
ICOM (Radio Manufacturer)
Kenwood (Radio Manufacturer)
Yaesu (Radio Manufacturer)

The ultimate resource for Ham Radio Reference pages is A6CV's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide.

Equipment Vendors:
Ham Radio Outlet
Universal Radio
Advanced Electronic Supply
The Wireman (Coaxial cable and connections)
The RF Connection (Coaxial cable and connections)
DCPwr (PowerPoles and power cable.)
Two Way Electronix (Roll-up J-pole antennas)

D-RATS (D-Star Software)
G4HFQ Software http://www.g4hfq.co.uk/  (Yaesu programming software)

Nifty Accessories.  http://niftyaccessories.com/  (Quick reference manuals for radios)

ComTek http://www.w7jv.com/ (Kuni in Poulsbo - Icom/Alinco repair)

Local Specialty Groups:
Western Washington DX Club
Pacific Northwest VHF Society
Washington Experimenters TCP/IP Network - WetNet
Northwest APRS
Mike and Key Club - Classes, VE Testing and other Club Meetings

Vanity Callsigns:
Dean Gibson's Vanity Callsign utilities and information

Other links:
All About Circuits (Online Electrical Engineering Community)
Electronics tutorials for all levels
Soldering Tutorial
Charging NiCAD and NiMH Batteries
NiCAD and NiMH Battery Q&A
ARRL Articles on Batteries
Ham Radio Station protection from Lightning (.PDF format)
Coax Cable Attenuation & Power Rating Chart, Proper Coax Routing
Electronic Repair FAQ (WOW!!)
Ham Radio Modifications, Manuals, Technical Specs, Secrets, Reviews, TNC Connection Diagrams, and MORE! (WOW!)
Printable US Band Plan Charts from the ARRL
U.S. Amateur Radio Band Charts, Country Prefixes, AMSAT Frequencies (From ICOM, 77KB PDF file)
US Grid Square Map (From ICOM, 470KB PDF file)
TV Channel and CATV Frequencies (From the ARRL)
Miscellaneious Downloads from ICOM