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So important, that it got its own page on the web site to ensure you see it.

You'll see mentioned in this web site that amateur radio operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  We want to stress that being a licensed Amateur Radio Operator is NOT a requirement for participating in this club.  Anyone is welcome to join the club before they are licensed.  We do, however, expect that club members will work toward earning their license.  You won't find the club activities much fun if you can't participate and you can't participate in any radio transmissions without a license (except for certain special events).

We will be teaching licensing classes to help anyone interested become licensed by the FCC.  We typically license new hams in just one weekend of instruction following roughly this schedule:

That's right.  Not only can we teach you to pass the exam, but we can administer the exam as well.  Any ham can become a Volunteer Examiner if they meet certain requirements and strictly adhere to the FCC regulations for administering the exams.

The vast majority of people who take our weekend training course pass the exam on the first try.  We've licensed hams from a child of age 8 to a husband and wife who live aboard their sailboat year-round and wanted to use ham radio to send and receive emails to their family from the middle of the ocean.  That couple was in their mid 70's.  If they can do it, chances are YOU can do it too!

The cost of a weekend training course will be approximately $45 (pricing isn't finalized yet, thus the word "approximately").  This will include a book (valued at approximately $30), all the instruction and information you need to pass the exam and the $15 fee that the FCC charges to take the exam.  This course is not a profit-driven enterprise.  The course fee will essentially pay for the book and the exam fee.  The instructor time will be volunteered in the spirit of bringing new faces into the hobby.