Emergency Communications

Partnering with the City of Tukwila to Provide Reliable Communications

Field Day 2021:  June 26, 2021

Location to be announced at a future date

We will be hosting the public at our annual Field Day exercise as part of the national Field Day event which takes place in June each year, organized by the American Radio Relay League (the national association for Amateur Radio).

The purpose of Field Day is multi-fold:  A drill to simulate setting up and operating communications equipment in less-than-ideal circumstances to prepare for an emergency, an opportunity to educate the public on the value of communications during an emergency, an opportunity for unlicensed citizens to “get on the air” and make radio contacts across the state or country to drive interest in the hobby, a competition to make as many radio contacts as possible during the event, public relations and fun!

Visitors can try their hand at operating a High Frequency (HF) radio (no license necessary as they’ll be accompanied by a licensed operator), learn about the communications facets of the City’s Emergency Preparedness plan, learn about the volunteer opportunities with the TECTeam and get any questions answered relating to Amateur Radio or Emergency Communications.

Tukwila Touch a Truck: (Date to be announced)
Westfield Southcenter Mall, south parking lot (map)

The Tukwila Emergency Communications Team will be hosting a communications tent at this annual event.  Hop in a bus, sit in a fire truck, honk some horns in heavy-duty rigs and get on the radio with our communications volunteers!  The event educates families on safety as the City provides activities to help equip kids with the tools to make decisions in case of an emergency.  For participants sensitive to loud noises, the event will have a noise-free and siren-free period that will be announced closer to the event.


More events at http://www.n7cfo.com/amradio/hf/hf.htm