Emergency Communications

Partnering with the City of Tukwila to Provide Reliable Communications

Tukwila Emergency Communications Plan


COMLCommunications Unit Leader. (See appendix A for duties)
COMTCommunications Technician. The COMT is responsible for setting up and maintaining communication systems.
RADORadio Operator. Radio operators will send, receive, and log radio traffic as needed.
ECCEmergency Coordination Center.
ICS 205Is a radio plan to be designed by the COML and coordinated through Valleycom. All talk groups and frequencies will be found in this plan.
Talk GroupA specific set of radio users with a common ID that are allowed to talk to each other and are assigned a particular frequency.
ARESAmateur Radio Emergency Services. An organization of Amateur Radio Operators, whose purpose is to provide emergency communications, principally to hospitals, relief agencies such as the American Red Cross and, in some instances, governmental and other agencies providing life supporting services.

Concept of Operations: