Emergency Communications

Partnering with the City of Tukwila to Provide Reliable Communications

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TECTeam Communications Net

All stations, this is <Your Call>, my name is <Your Name>.  I will serve as net control for the Tukwila Emergency Communications Team Communications Net.

This net meets every Sunday night at 1830 hours local time on the KF7BFT D-Star repeater at 440.425Mhz.  The repeater is located in Tukwila, WA and is linked to the D-Star reflector 35C.  Attendees can also check in using Echolink on the conference node AB2M.  In the event of repeater failure, we will conduct this net on the repeater output frequency on simplex.

This is a directed net.  Please direct all communications through net control and do not transmit unless directed to do so.

Please inform net control if you wish to leave the net early. Stations with Emergency or Priority Traffic may break in at any time.  I’ll pause now to allow for Emergency or Priority Traffic.

<Listen for 5 seconds to allow for break-ins>

The purpose of this net is to discuss team business, provide training for TECTeam members and Tukwila Firefighters, ensure that your radio equipment is fully operational and to provide information for visiting stations interested in becoming part of the TECTeam.

When checking in please give your full call sign using the phonetic alphabet for clarity, your name, your location as the nearest cross street or the Fire Station you’re at, and indicate how many pieces of message traffic or business you have for the net.  If you have traffic or business items for the net, please check in and wait for net control to request your traffic.
Now calling for check-ins from Tukwila Firefighters.
Station 51 Please check in now.  <Listen>
Station 52 Please check in now.  <Listen>
Station 53 Please check in now.  <Listen>
Station 54 Please check in now.  <Listen>

<When stations check in, acknowledge receipt of their information and repeat it back to confirm it’s correct.  Log the station’s information to deliver to the Tukwila COML after the net>

Now calling for check-ins from TECTeam Members.  Please check in now.  <Listen>

Now calling for visiting stations, please check in now.  <Listen>

Now calling for any late or missed TECTeam members, Tukwila Firefighters or visitor stations, please check in now.  <Listen>

This is the TECTeam Net Control Station <Your Call>

Does anyone have any further business, questions or comments for the net?  <Listen>

Would anyone like to request any after-net contacts on this repeater?  <Listen>

This is net control <Your Call>, closing the net at 18__hours and returning the repeater to normal operation.  On behalf of the leadership and members of the Tukwila Emergency Communications Team, I wish to thank all who checked in tonight.  <Your Call> clear.

<After the net Save the check-in log to Onedrive to report our numbers to the Tukwila COML.>


King County Weekly ARES/RACES NET:

At 8pm Sunday night check into the ARES of King County net with our net numbers for the week.  The numbers are reported as “Members Checking In”, “Visitors Checking In” and “Number of Traffic or Business Items”.  For example, when they call for the report from the Tukwila team, if you had 12 team members checking in, 3 visitors checking in and 2 items of traffic or business you would report “12, 3 and 2”.

Also, we’re supposed to submit a monthly report to Kirk.You can submit the monthly report to Kirk at this web site:


Time: Sundays, 20:00 local time
Repeater: Seatac Repeater Association, W7WWI, on 147.080+ (103.5)
Repeater failure: Stay on 147.080 simplex
Or Try repeater on 147.000
Repeater noisy: Switch to 146.540 simplex.
King County ARES/RACES Net Preamble/Script